Caddie Services

Whether you choose forecaddies or traditional walking caddies, Torrey Pines caddie services will enhance your overall golfing experience. Caddies have been an essential part of the game of golf since the Company of Edinburgh Golfers in Scotland formed the first golf club in 1744. Today, the close relationship between golfer and caddie remains unique in sport.

Hiring a caddie can add to the unique experience at Torrey Pines and, many believe, even lower scores by catering to your needs during the round. Please make your reservation requests at least 48 hours in advance in order to ensure a caddie is available.

Please note that all caddie service fees are processed through The Golf Shop at Torrey Pines and not paid directly to the caddie. This base fee does not include gratuity which is paid directly to the caddie on the day of play by the player(s).  The recommended tip is $25-$50 per bag based on the level of service.

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Traditional Walking Caddies

Service benefits:

  • Detailed course knowledge including accurate yardage and green reading that will help lower your score

  • Basic duties include carrying your golf bag, spotting golf balls, and keeping the clubs clean.

  • Maintenance of course including raking bunkers, fixing ball marks, and replacing divots.

  • Single Bag: $115


Service benefits:

  • Accompany groups of 2, 3 or 4 golfers.

  • Works on behalf of all members of the group, but without carrying clubs for any of them.

  • Basic duties include keeping track of balls in play and letting each player in the group know where his or her ball is located.

  • Maintenance of course including raking bunkers and fixing ball marks.

  • Forecaddie services: $160 per group

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